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Who Makes The Best Synthetic Wigs

June 6, 2024
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Wigs are considered feminine products, they add beauty and style to one’s personality. At the same time, it aids in confronting the problem of hair loss. Around 65 % of Americans face hair fall problems after age 35. To deal with hair loss there are various solutions. For instance, wigs, hair treatments, hair oils, and many more. However, the use of a wig can also be a solution for thin hairs without breaking the bank.

In today’s time, there is a vast market of wigs and lots of popular wig brands around the world. They offer several types of wigs, which make you attractive and elegant. Both women and men can use wigs to hide hair problems.

In this blog, you’ll get to know about the best synthetic wig producers that contribute to the fashion industry and aid individuals in looking attractive and gorgeous.

What are Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs are made from plastic or acrylic materials. That also contributes to the environment by recycling the plastics into fake hair. This type of wig is pocket-friendly and easy to put on. This cosmetic product is available in different online cosmetic stores, in all colors, shades, and different hairstyles. Synthetic fake hair provides you with a comfortable hairstyle to achieve an elegant look on occasion.

However, you need to protect it from over-sun exposure to protect it from sun damage. The life of synthetic wigs is measured at about six months. However, it can last for a long period if one follows all guiding information given on the product label.

Key features of Synthetic Wigs

  • Easy to carry
  • Not require much care
  • Offer a variety of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Available in all lengths
  • Easy to wear
  • Less expensive

Five Best Companies That Make Synthetic Wigs

1 Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille is a self-made hair designer who made this well-known wig company globally. It has provided a variety of wigs to the customer for over 50 years. It also contributes to the environment by making synthetic wigs, which are developed through plastics.

The company was established in 1967 in order to grow in the fashion industry and follow its passion. The producer is inspiring other wig companies to grow a unique business and how to make a mark in the wig brands.

2 Rene of Paris

The Rene of Paris is also a big giant among wig manufacturers. The company was founded in 1971 by a man named, Rene Hafid. After that, it became one of the best-producing companies in the world, which is committed to delivering exceptional quality and design of wigs.

Rene Paris strives to follow innovative wigs and adopt technology to give the best products to the customers.

3 Raquel Welch

The American actress Raquel Welch established the company in 1998. It offers its services to women who are suffering from hair fall. This wig company makes alluring synthetic and heat-friendly wigs for buyers. This is also one of the best and most affordable brands in the wig industry.

4 Jon Renau

The company was founded in 1984 and grew to be the best international wig developer. The company’s headquarters is in California. It’s one of the best American wig companies, which offers several wigs not only synthetic wigs, but human wigs as well.

5 Gisela Mayer Wigs

This is also a big name of a wig manufacturer which has been serving in the wig market since 1960. As a wig producer, Gisela Mayer emphasizes fashion, alteration, and satisfying the needs of customers, who lose hair. They provide a big collection of the latest wigs that are trending.

Uses of Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair is used in multiple industries out of which a few industries are mentioned below:

  1. Fashion Industries:

The fashion world uses wigs on a large scale. In events like fashion shows, models used to wear wigs to complete the look. If models have short hairs then wigs help them to create their accurate look.

  1. Entertainment World:

Places like television productions, movie productions, and theater companies also used wigs to prepare their characters’ looks. Different characters demand distinctive appearances. Hence, wigs fulfill this requirement of makeup artists and to makeover a person or an actor.

  1. Circus World:

Circus people too, used a variety of colorful synthetic wigs in order to entertain the audience, especially children. You often see jokers wearing colorful wigs on the head and entertaining the viewers.

  1. Toy Industries:

Synthetic wigs are used in toy industries to make toys, dolls, teddies, etc. Dolls’ hair is completely made of plastics and acrylics which are known as synthetic wigs.


Western countries for a long time have been wearing wigs as a culture to protect hair scalps from sunburn and to avoid embracement from baldness. Various types of wigs resolve many people’s hair concerns, and there is no harm and feeling bad about wearing wigs.

So, avoid thinking about what others think and hear the voice of your heart, after wearing the synthetic hairs. The beauty product that gives you good feelings and draws the attention of others to you.

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