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How To Curl A Synthetic Wig Without Heat

June 6, 2024
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Hair loss is a quite common problem among people in the USA. According to some research, it is found that approx, 80 million persons are suffering from baldness. Both men and women experience this hair loss problem, however it is more prevalent in men.

There are abundant options available in the market like hair transplants, medications, etc. Among these choices, a synthetic wig may be the best option for you. By wearing a wig you can bring a change in your personality. It is necessary to keep the wig in good condition by taking care of it so you can opt for various hairstyles. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss its brief overview, how you can curl a synthetic wig without using any heat treatment, and its safety measures.

A Brief Overview About Synthetic Wig

It is unnatural hair that is fabricated by using strands of materials like plastic and acrylic. They almost look like natural human hair. They are available in different colors, textures, lengths, etc. These synthetic wigs are lightweight, much affordable, and an alternative to natural hair.

Why Do People Prefer Hair Extension?

Every individual has their own preference and needs to choose a synthetic wig. These are as follows:-

  • Due to health problem that causes baldness.
  • It overcomes boredom with the same hairstyle, texture, etc., and it gives a chance to use different synthetic wigs according to the occasion and people can match with their dresses.
  • Its resemblance to human natural hair.
  • It is more lasting, affordable, lightweight, requires low maintenance, and offers various options like style, color, etc.

Ways to Curl Synthetic Wig Without Heating

Curly hair is in trend these days among American celebrities and common people. The youth get influenced by them. There are some ways, by using them you can also curl your extension hair. 

Here is the list of four methods to curl your synthetic wig and these are as follows:-

1) Braid Your Hair

It is the best and easiest way to curl your synthetic wig by braiding your hair without exposing it to heat. The steps are given below:-

  • Start with dampening your wig with a spray of water.
  • Now, divide the wig into sections which depend on your choice. If you want to make loose curls, then make larger sections and tight curls by making small sections.
  • It’s time to make braids, you can choose any type of braid according to your preference, like Dutch, fishtail, french, etc.
  • After completing the above steps, let it be for some hours until the curls get dry and are set.
  • Now gently open up those braids and enjoy your non-heated curls.

2) Bendy Rollers

These are flexible, cushioned, and long rods that are used to make beautiful curls. They are available in different sizes at affordable prices.

  • The first step is to sprinkle some water over your synthetic wig to dampen it.
  • The next step is to make different sections of the wig. The large roller will volumize your curls. You can choose the size of the roller.
  • Now wrap the synthetic wig around the middle of the bendy roller and move towards the scalp. Fold the roller’s ends towards each other to prevent the curls from dropping out. Repeat this step throughout the wig and let it rest for a few hours to get set.
  • Now start unwrapping the hair of the synthetic wig by unrolling the bendy rollers. It should be started from the lower side to the top.
  • Finally, you have exquisite curly hair and this can be fixed with hair spray.

3) Bun Wrap

If you have a synthetic wig with a long length, then this bun wrap is a good option for you. It is also called doughnut bun wrap and its size affects the volume of the curl. Large buns will give loose curls and small buns will give tight curls.

  • It starts with making a high ponytail of extension hair and tying it with an elastic band to keep it in place.
  • Spray some water over the ponytail.
  • Now put the doughnut over the elastic band.
  • Wrap the ponytail tightly around the doughnut like a headband.
  • Another way is to put an elastic band over the doughnut to fix the grip of the band.
  • Now wait for a few hours unroll the curls and remove the doughnut. Here are your beautiful curls.

4) Headband Wrap

By using a headband you can make gorgeous and heavy curls. It is an ideal option for long hair and you can do it by following these steps:-

  • Always start with dampening the wig by sprinkling some water.
  • Now put a headband over the hair extension and it should be placed between the hairline of the forehead and the nape of the neck like the crown of the head.
  • Now take a small section of wig hair and wrap it around the band so the hair gets tucked. Repeat this step until all sections of the extension hair get wrapped around the headband.
  • Wait until the hair gets dry and now carefully unroll the hair from the headband. Now it’s time to play with your lovely curls.


Synthetic wig hair is different from natural hair. So, to avoid damage to synthetic hair, here are some safety measures that can be used to protect your wig.

  • Avoid the usage of hot iron rods and hair dryers, these may melt and destroy your wig.
  • Before having any hairstyle, always use a spray water bottle. It will make it easy to comb your extension hair without frizziness.
  • Always follow a wig care routine.
  • There are different products like shampoo and conditioner for synthetic wigs. You cannot use human hair products on them.
  • It is advised to comb your wig with a brush wig to avoid damage to wig fibers.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic wigs while swimming in a pool. Water which is used in the pool contains chlorine and this can damage your wig.
  • Make sure while wearing a wig fix it properly to prevent falloff.


Using electric iron rods can damage natural as well as synthetic wig hair. After reading this blog, you will get to know about four methods to curl your extension hair by using non-heating curl techniques.

These can be done at your convenience without ruining your wig. Before performing these ways, always sprinkle some water over your synthetic wig. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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