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How Long Can You Keep A Wig Glued On?

March 17, 2023
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We generally use adhesives or glue to keep our wig attached to the scalp. These adhesives and glues are specially made for wigs. Some of them are very strong and effective and can be used for the long term and some of them are used for a short period. You can wear a wig as long as you want but it is suggested that a wig should be installed or glued on for 1 to 6 weeks and after that, it should be removed at least once. There are several reasons for not wearing a wig for more than 6 weeks at a time.

Let’s discuss some of them.

1. To give a break for care

Wig’s laces are just tied to the mid-cap in a way that can give proper comfort to the wearer, but wigs are also supposed to get some care like real hair, wigs should be combed with wide-toothed brushes, you can shampoo it, cleanse it, moisturize it properly. You can also apply the best quality conditioners for better shine and smoothening. If you look after your wig timely, then it will help in maintaining the look and attractiveness of your wig.

2. Prevent the scalp from chemicals

There are many adhesives, glues, and sprays available in the market for wigs. Some are specifically made for a long period of use and some are made for short-term use. However, using glue for a short period is not an issue as it does not harm the scalp, but the long-term use adhesives are very strong and hard, they consist of elements that keep the wig attached to the scalp for a longer time. Such elements can cause itchiness, dryness, roughness, and skin infections if used continuously for a long time.

3. To increase the lifespan of the wig

If you install your wig for a longer time and use adhesives or glues that are not waterproof, then you have to be careful about how much you sweat. You should prevent wearing a wig in the gym or at a place where you sweat more than usual, the reason being, that excessive sweat can affect the longevity of your wig. Moreover, it will also affect the quality of the hair and make it look dull and rough. To maintain longevity, you must use waterproof adhesives.


As we discussed, Wigs are made from natural hair and synthetic fibers of different qualities.
If you want your wigs to last long then you have to take care of your wig correctly. Although wigs are one of the best sources of enhancing your appearance, you can’t completely rely on wigs and should give a break to them in at least 1-6 weeks. It will not only affect the wig’s health but also help you in preventing issues related to the scalp.

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