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How To Dye A Synthetic Wig

June 4, 2024
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Wigs! Savior for those who tend to have hair loss at an early age. Not only is this reason for what the wig is used for, but it has also become a fashion statement. Your desire to keep any kind of hairstyle and hair color is fulfilled by this fashion product. Wigs came into fashion around the 1660s during the reinstatement of the English sovereignty of Charles II. Since then they are a fashion statement for fashion freaks.

Now the question arises, can you dye your wig or not? This might be a question of many people who are the ultimate users of this fashion product.

The answer is yes, it is possible to dye your synthetic wig, but some wigs that are made out of human hair are difficult to dye.

For dyeing your wig without any difficulty, you need to have proper information on what kinds of fibers are available for wigs. This can make your process convenient and easy.

There are some points to keep in mind before dyeing your wig.

Preference Before Buying A Wig

Nowadays, there are varieties of wigs present in the market like Synthetic wigs, Virgin hair, Lace wigs, Combination wigs, Capless wigs, and many more. If you want to dye your hair, then you should prefer synthetic wigs as they are easy to dye. Synthetic wig is an appropriate choice for the majority of people using wigs. They are much more economical than human hair wigs and consist of a wide variety of color options.

Difficulties Might Faced While Dyeing Your Wig

To dye wigs is quite a difficult task because you may face many challenges and it could be a mess. It is proven that Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed with the help of normal dye as these wigs do not possess characteristics like human hair, and natural hair pigment is absent in wigs.
Prefer using dyes that are made up of fabric dyes that are specially made for polyester and materials that are made synthetically.
Your desire to color the wig with a lighter color cannot be fulfilled. Unluckily, synthetic wigs cannot be bleached, so whatever dye you are using must be of a darker shade.
It is easy to dye wigs that are in silver, white, and pastel colors.

Things Required:

  1. Disposable Gloves
  2. Newspapers
  3. 1 Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wig
  4. 1 Large Pot
  5. 1 Bottle of Fabric Dye (Recommended for Polyester and synthetic materials)
  6. 1 Stove
  7. Water

For precautionary purposes, you can use old clothes or an apron that will help you save your clothes from the dye. And make sure the wig you are using is heat-resistant.

Steps to Follow for Dyeing a Synthetic Wig:

  • Boil water: The size of the pot must be larger than the wig you have you have to dye the wig. Be significant about the measurements, such as 1 cup of water requires 3 teaspoons of fabric dye.
  • Add dye to it: As soon the water gets boiled add the fabric dye to it and put the flame at sim.
  • Cleanse out your wig with water: Before adding the wig to the pot, you should be sure that the wig is moderately dry so that you can dye the wig easily.
  • Put the wig into the pot: For a darker shade, you need to put the wig into the pot for a longer period of time. Be alert keep an eye on the wig and take it out once you achieve the appropriate color.
  • Take out your wig from the pot and clean it in cold water until the water gets clear.
  • Place the wig on a stand and let it dry.

Use Preventive Measures:

Make use of old or worn-out clothes, and disposable gloves that will help you in return save your clothes from the dye.
It gets easier to wash off the dye from the hands with the help of soap and water, or else you can use baking soda and water that will help you protect your clothes and hands from the dye.
Use wrecked newspapers to avoid spilling on the floor.
Dying a synthetic wig is fairly cheap and easy, as long as you follow the directions and are careful. Just follow these steps and now you are ready with your new colorful wig.

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