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How To Wash A Wig: A Complete Guide

June 8, 2024
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Most people love experimenting with their hair so they use wigs which is an amazing way to have a new look every time you step out for a special occasion or a casual meeting. But if you want to make your wigs look good for a longer period you have to give them proper care and for that, you should understand how to wash a wig so, let’s get started

Many of you might feel that your wig is ruined after one or two washes, don’t worry here we will share some tips on how to clean a wig without any damage

Basic tools for cleaning the wig

Wigs are of different types but there are some tools or products which you need to clean any type of wig:

  • A water-filled bowl or sink
  • Wide-tooth comb or wig comb
  • A nice wig shampoo
  • Wig conditioner
  • A wig stand or clean towel 
  • Blow dryer (Optional)
  • Detangling spray (Optional)
  • Finishing spray (Optional)

These are the basic tools you need to have before washing a wig.

How to wash a wig

Wigs could be made up of different materials but mainly you get two options synthetic and human hair whichever you choose would make you feel confident and beautiful. Now let’s see how can we wash these wigs:

How to wash a synthetic wig

Synthetic wigs are one of the most popular options people choose. It is affordable and gives the same look as human hair. 

Steps to wash a synthetic wig:

Follow this 5-step procedure carefully to clean the synthetic hair:

  1. Comb the hair:

The first and most important step is to comb the hair before washing. Detangle all the knots but be gentle, don’t put too much force while combing otherwise there will be breakage of hair. Start combing from the end and slowly go upwards towards the scalp this will help in reducing the breakage.

Try to use a Wide-tooth comb or wig comb as it will not break the hair and if you have a curly wig then you can comb it with your hands because a comb or brush can ruin the curls. 

  1. Wash:
  • Fill the bowl or sink with cold water and put shampoo into the water according to the quantity mentioned in the bottle. 
  • Gently submerge the wig in the water. Do not rub the hair otherwise they will get tangled. Carefully wash the cap, and take extra precautions with hand-tied areas because they are pretty fragile. 
  • Let the wig soak in the water for at least 5 minutes.
  1. Rinse:

After soaking take the wig out and rinse it in the basin or a new bowl with cold water.

  1. Conditioning:
  • Mix conditioner in cold water and put the wig into that.
  • Let it soak for around 10 min.
  • After that wash it
  1. Dry: 
  • The next step is to dry the wig. You can put it on a wig stand or put the wig on a folded towel and pat it dry. 
  • After completing all the above-mentioned steps, now your wig is ready to wear. All the wigs are pre-styled so, gently shake the wig and it will bounce back to its original shape, you can also style it if you want. 
  • Before storing the wig remember to brush the wig.

How to wash a human hair wig

Human hair wigs are really expensive but it’s worth it. It is made of real human hair and is very long-lasting in comparison to synthetic wigs. But it also needs proper care and maintenance so, let’s see how we should wash a human hair wig.

Steps to wash wig:

  1. Place the wig onto the wig stand and gently start combing it with a wig comb. 
  2. After untangling all the knots from the wig, take the wig and turn the wig inside out by doing this shampoo will easily reach the wig cap.
  3. Put the wig under the cold running water after that take the small amount of shampoo in your hand and gently massage the hair from the root to the ends.
  4. Then rinse the shampoo. If the wig is too thick you might need to rinse it twice.
  5. After that take some conditioner in your palm and gently hand comb the wig. Do not put conditioner in the roots as it can lose the knots in the cap and cause fiber loss.
  6. Keep the conditioner for at least 2 minutes and then wash.
  7.  For drying the hair you can use different ways like:
  • You can roll the wig in a towel to remove excess water.
  • Use can also use a wig stand and let the wig dry on it. 
  • If you are in a hurry you can also blow dry the wig.

The procedure of how to wash a synthetic wig and human hair wig is a bit similar but the difference is that a human hair wig needs a bit more care and regular wash in comparison to synthetic hair.


  1. Wig shampoo:

Use a wig shampoo, it not only cleans the wig but also protects it from getting damaged. Normal shampoos can damage the wig.

  1. Never rub: 

Never rub the wig as it can damage the hair and break the hair strands.

  1. Sun Exposure: 

Don’t keep your wig exposed to sunlight for a longer time.

  1. Don’t wash your wig too often:

Avoid washing your wig too often as it may shorten your life.


Natural hair wigs easily blend with your look and give a dazzling appearance but it is also true that they could be pretty expensive and need proper care whereas a synthetic wig is an affordable option that can give you a proper look if you style it correctly and it is easy to maintain as well.

Choose any wig you want synthetic or real hair, you have to take care of it. There are different types of wigs whichever you choose remember to take care of it and clean it whenever you feel the need. How to wash a wig will make a difference in the life span of the wig so, Always wash wigs with gentle hands never put too much force, and use products specially made for wigs. 

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