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Silk Top vs Lace Top Wigs: See the Difference

July 2, 2024
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In this blog, you will come to know about two types of wigs that are in trend, silk top vs lace top wigs.

In general vocabulary wigs are referred to as artificial hair, which are used for covering the head. It can be made up of human hair, animal hair, or synthetic materials.

During ancient times the wigs were also officially used as a part of the uniform. Moreover, the king of France Charles X used to wear a powdered wig as a symbol of court uniform.

Scenarios related to wigs have changed from the past times, moreover, it has been frequently used by actors for their movie roles and has also become a style symbol for many of us.

And when your aim is to look natural with the help of artificial hair. Not a single person wants his/her wig to be spotted easily. Most people prefer front hair out in order to get a more natural look.

What are Silk Top Wigs?

Silk top wigs are made up of hair-like filaments that are inserted into the nude skin and are like silk elements, which are weaved strongly with the help of a lace that is much stronger and more durable than a normal one.

The silk fabric used in making the wig is capable of matching your scalp color, which enables a person to have a natural look while wearing a silk top wig.

Benefits of Silk Top Wigs

  1. Maintains a natural look: The one which carries more real looks. The silk present in the wig enables the user’s hair to imitate the real ones.
  2. Comfort in fitting: These wigs are very easy to wear due to their softness and breathing properties.
    The silk present in the wig acts as a hindrance between your hair and scalp avoiding any kind of irritation or friction on your scalp.

Due to its lightweight, it becomes easy to wear it and you can wear it for long hours.

  1. Easy to maintain and long-lasting:

These wigs are easy to maintain and the silk fabric fends off the shedding, matting, or tangling of the hair.

The silk top wigs maintain the shine and also keep possession of the moisture in it, keeping it pretty for a longer period of time.

What are Lace Top Wigs?

Lace top wigs are provided with lace on the top. The wigs come with baby-like hairs in order to attain high volumes in the roots.

Due to its explicitness, it allows your scalp or hair that are underneath to make it visible and look natural.

Benefits of Lace Top Wigs

  1. These wigs are best in terms of natural looks.
  2. These wigs are easy to use and look flat after they are applied
  3. The grids present in the wig allow a better airflow.

How can you differentiate between the two wigs?

  1. Looks: You can easily identify between the two wigs by their appearance, a silk top wig looks more natural than a lace top wig.

Silk wigs are better in hiding the knots whereas the lace top wigs are not capable of hiding the knots with proficiency.

  1. Durable: A silk top wig is much more durable than a lace one, as the silk fabric keeps the hair safe from shedding, matting, or getting tangled.

A lace wig gets easily damaged, as the material used in the lace is fragile and can be easily torn or warped if not handled properly.

Initially, a lace wig is considered high maintenance, as the knots are regularly bleached or plucked to make them unnoticeable.

  1. Comfortable: Both these wigs are comfortable to wear, but they possess different levels of resilience and absorbency.

Conventionally, a lace wig is more airy than a silk top wig, as the lace material consists of small holes that allow air circulation.

The silk fabric can stretch and adjust to your head shape and size than a lace.


One can choose the wig according to their own budget, choice, and use. Here in this blog, we have covered every possible distinction between the two wigs.

For further details, you can ask a fashion expert, cosmetologist, or your stylist who will suggest the best wig for you.

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