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Why Do Hasidic Women Wear Wigs?

March 13, 2023
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Every community has its own dressing style and culture, and in the same way, an orthodox Hasidic community also has its own identity which can be identified by its outfits and appearance.
Hasidic women belong to the ultra-orthodox Jewish sectarian community who worship and follow specific rebbes. In Hasidic belief, women are considered an important part of faith and family life. They help in developing spiritual, social, and educational values in the new generations.

Outside their community, Hasidic women are not identifiable as compared to men.
Their outfits are modest and their uniquely distinguishing feature is the wig (sheitel) and scarf (tikhel). Married Hasidic women used to completely cover their heads with these scarves or wigs.

Let’s discuss why.

1. It is their Culture

Ultra-orthodox hasidic jews are very strict and firm in this matter. Married Hasidic women have to cover their heads with a hat, scarf, or wig so that their hair becomes completely invisible. The main reason for covering their hair is their centuries-old belief and culture which promotes modesty. They can uncover their heads at home in front of family members like husband, father, brother, and son.

But many women go beyond the restrictions and don’t uncover their hair even after being alone. Women generally keep 2 or more wigs, one for daily use, and the other one for formal occasions.

2. To be Modest

These hair-covering restrictions are nothing but a part of modesty which is known as “Tznius” in Hebrew. Although these hair rules are only applicable to married Hasidic women, the rest of the rules apply to all age groups of people including children. The goal of these rules is not an abandonment of beauty, but it is supposed to be working within that to look more beautiful.
Generally, Hasidic women are fond of wearing wigs to cover their original hair. Some of them just shave their heads. Covering hair is a part of devotion towards their faith and the family.

3. They simply want to

While most of the Jewish Hasidic women wear wigs for their religious purposes, on the other hand, many of those love to wear wigs for no reason and they simply enjoy wearing wigs. There might be many reasons for this like they want to just give a break to their real hair or they just want to portray it in a different and new way etc.

Not only Hasidic women but all kinds of women around the globe embrace wearing wigs. It is not always about modesty and culture, but sometimes wigs look more beautiful than the original hair and give a fresh and attractive look.


Hasidic women use wigs to cover their hair. These wigs are known as “Sheitel” in Yiddish. This wig can be made from natural as well as artificial hair. Hasidic women wear these wigs with confidence because these wigs conceal the wearer’s hairline while still making her look beautiful and without worrying about revealing their real identity.

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