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How To Soften Synthetic Wig Hair: Effective Ways

June 7, 2024
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Synthetic hair is made from artificial fiber, Even though they are not real hair it needs some maintenance because after some time synthetic hair becomes rough and dry and gives a very odd look. How to soften synthetic wig hair is a big challenge because unlike natural hair they do not have natural oils so they are not that smooth and their roughness increases as much as you use the wig, so it becomes important to take care of them and to prevent them from being stiff. There are some ways and by using them we can soften the synthetic wig hair, so let’s discuss them.

Reasons for dry and frizzy wig

Before we understand how to make synthetic hair soft, first let’s discuss the reason behind hair roughness:

  1. Washing: How to wash synthetic wigs is a big question for people who wear wigs very frequently and because some people don’t know the proper way to wash a wig makes wigs very dry and rough. So, make sure to gently wash the wig and don’t wash it frequently.
  2. Excessive heat application: Making wig contact with excessive heat can burn the hair and make it rough. 
  3. Sleeping and showering: Sleeping and showering with the wig on can tangle the wig hair and make it lose its softness.
  4. Environmental factors: As these wigs are made up of artificial fiber, they do not have natural oils that can protect them from getting damaged. So, direct sunlight, dry air, and high temperatures can make synthetic hair dry, and excessive humidity can make wigs frizzy.
  5. Storage: Improper storage practices like storing it without brushing or putting heavy items over the wig can also cause dryness in synthetic hair.

How to Soften Synthetic Wig Hair and Tips to Maintain Them

People often think about how to make synthetic wigs look real and to achieve this one of the main factors is to make the hair look softer. 

How to make Synthetic Hair Soft

To make synthetic hair soft try the following products:-

Fabric Softener: 

  • Fill the basin or bucket with cold water and about 1-2 tablespoons of fabric softener.
  • Place the synthetic hair into the water and gently swish it for a few minutes.
  • After that rinse the hair with cold water.

Silicone Spray:

  • Get a silicone-based wig spray.
  • Spray it on the hair.
  • Then use a wig brush and gently comb the hair so that the spray gets spread evenly.
  • After using this your hair temporarily softens and the silicone spray will also add a subtle shine.

Detangling Spray:

  • You can use a detangling spray on the hair it will reduce the friction and make the hair feel softer.
  • After that, you can use a wide-tooth brush for detangling the hair.

Leave-in Conditioner:

Some leave-in conditioners will enhance the softness and manageability of the hair. Just apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner and comb the hair to spread it evenly.

Steam Treatment:

For this, you just need to steam the hair by using a handheld garment steamer or a steam pod. Remember that while using Steam you have to be very careful. While using a garment steamer or a steam pod keep the synthetic hair at a distance otherwise it can get damaged from excessive heat. Steam will relax the fiber and make the hair feel softer for some time.

Moisture and Humidity:

A humid environment makes synthetic hair softer by absorbing moisture from the air but be careful as hair can freeze if it gets exposed to humidity for a longer period of time.

Wig Brushing: 

You should brush synthetic hair regularly. Regular combing or brushing does not let hair get tangled and helps to maintain a smooth texture but be gentle and use a wide-tooth brush or a wig brush while combing the hair.

Proper Storage: 

Storage plays an important role when it comes to maintaining wig condition and texture. Stoe the wig in a cool and dry place. Make sure it does not get exposed to excessive heat or humidity.

How to maintain Synthetic hair?

Even after smoothing the synthetic hair, you have to maintain it properly for a long-lasting effect. For that, you can use the following tips:

Use suitable products:

Make sure to use the right products (like shampoos, conditioners, or combs) when it comes to wigs because regular products can harm the texture of the wig. Always use products that are specially designed for wigs.

Avoid frequent washing:

Make sure to avoid washing until or unless it is needed. Regular washing can harm the texture and increase the hair breakage of the wig. Usually after 6-8 wears, you can wash the wig, or if it starts looking dull or dry.


Friction could be one of the main reasons that the wig might lose its shine and smoothness so, try to avoid friction as much as you can. While washing or combing try to be gentle and avoid rubbing or do not wear it under tight-fitting hats or scarfs.

Proper conditioning:

Conditioner helps to moisturize the wig hair and makes it smooth so, after washing the wig apply a small amount of conditioner on the hair strands and wash it thoroughly. Do not put it on the cap as it may lose the knots and can cause hair loss.

Avoid blow dryers:

Synthetic wigs are made up of artificial fibers and they are not that heat resistant so while drying the wig avoid using blow dryers rather use a wig stand and let the wig dry on the stand or tap dry the wig with a towel.

Styling care:

While styling try to restrict coloring or using any appliance which produces excessive heat. Try to use appliances that are specifically made for synthetic wigs.


Synthetic wigs are great to use but roughness is a major problem so, they need proper maintenance and care. Now stop thinking about How to soften synthetic wig hair and try these amazing tips we have given to make your wig look even more natural and beautiful. But with using different products like Fabric softener and Silicone spray for softening also remember to properly maintain them avoid exposing the wig to excessive heat and use the right products to maintain the softness and texture of the synthetic wigs.

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