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What Are The Different Types Of Wigs?

June 7, 2024
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Health issues and boosting self-confidence are the variety of reasons why people are wearing their wigs. They can choose a hair wig depending on the type of hair, color, brand, style, length, budget, etc. 

Now, I am going to discuss a brief overview of wigs with their benefits and what are the different types of wigs that can be worn by individuals in this blog.

Brief Overview of Wig and its Benefits

Wigs are the pieces of hair that cover an individual’s head which are made up of natural and synthetic fibers. They are become more popular for both men and women in our everyday life. Some of them are wearing them for thinning hair and baldness. Wigs also protect those people who are suffering from hair loss due to cancer. 

Benefits of Wearing a Wig

There are several benefits to wearing a wig. These are the following:

  • Protection of natural hair: A person can wear a wig that protects natural hair from damage by heat or harsh chemicals. This provides better care for his or her hair.
  • Endless hairstyles: The wigs are available in an endless variety of styles. An individual can select a hair wig for the enhancement of natural hair or good looks. A human hair will not provide variety as compared to a hair wig.
  • Thinning hair: Thinning hair is mainly caused due to illness, medications, etc. It is the most common problem for men and women. A wig is most important for a person if he or she may suffer from thinning hair. An individual can feel confident and secure through a hair wig.
  • Coverage: When you are suffering hair loss then you can wear a wig for a gorgeous look. The excellent coverage of a wig makes an individual secure and confident when he or she is going out to attend a party, meeting, etc. 

9 Best Hair Wigs for Men and Women

Nine types of hair wigs are available for both men and women. These include the following:

Basic Cap Wig

A basic cap wig is one of the most important hair wigs which is constructed by a sewing machine. They are also known as capless or thin-wefted cap wigs. This type of wig is cool and shopkeeper sells it at an affordable price. It is lighter in weight in which a person feels comfortable wearing this wig for a longer period. 

Monofilament Wig

A monofilament wig is a high-quality wig that makes a person more attractive and good-looking. This wig is lightweight, easily washable, and non-allergic. The naturalness and versatility are the two important properties of this wig. 

A monofilament wig is a good choice for people since it is extracted from a soft material that protects them from thinning hair, baldness, and scalp irritation.

Lace Wig

A lace wig is the most common wig which adapts the color of an individual’s skull. In this type of wig, the fiber of an individual’s hair is tied to the lace. It is more popular than other types of wigs. This wig is lighter in weight which comfortably fits an individual.

The two types of lace wigs are full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Lace front wigs are the wigs in which lace is available at the front hairline whereas full lace wigs are the wigs in which the whole entire cap is extracted by the lace. Full lace wigs are generally expensive as compared to lace front wigs since full lace wigs require an intricate hardworking.

Human Hair Wig

A human hair wig is a wig that is generally made of real human hair. This wig is generally more expensive as compared to synthetic hair wigs. It is a long-lasting wig and can be easily styled and colored with the help of styling tools and chemicals.

Silk Top Wig

    Silk top wig is the most natural and realistic type of wig. You cannot knot your hair but inject it in a thin skin. It is also known as a silk-based wig. 

    The silk-top wig is more expensive than other types of wigs. This type of wig is least available in stores or online.

    Hand-tied Wig

    The hand-tied wig is a wig that is each individual’s hair strand tied with a mesh cap. This type of wig is both synthetic and human. It is most comfortable for men and women due to its softness and flexibility. 

    The hand-tied wig mainly looks like natural hair for individuals. The duration of constructing this wig is 40 hours which makes this wig more costlier than any other wig.

    Thin Skin Wig

    A wig that is highly realistic and durable is a thin-skin wig. A person can also style this wig by applying heat. The other name of this wig is polyurethane wig.

    Synthetic Hair Wig

    It is a hair wig which can be extracted from man-made fibers. This type of wig is less expensive which means they are not long-lasting wigs. It is used for short-term hair styling and is best for those people who do not want to waste their money and do not much care about their hairstyles.

    However, synthetic hair wigs are not good for those people who use heating tools such as straighteners and curlers on them. Applying heating and chemicals damages an individual’s hair wig. 

    Combination Wigs

    The combination wigs are the wigs which are made up of both machine-sewn and hand-tied wigs. This type of wig provides more natural looks as compared to machine-sewn wigs but it is more affordable than hand-tied wigs. It is a long-lasting wig that provides flexibility and balances the strength of the hair wigs.

    French Drawn is another style of this combination wig. A person feels comfortable wearing this wig since it is made up of two layers of glass-silk and one layer of Swiss lace. 


    This blog describes the different types of wigs that people wear to protect their natural hair. It not only describes the different wigs but also identifies the qualities of a wig. A high-quality wig will not only identify the beauty but also increase the self-confidence of an individual.

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